Purpose and aims

The main purpose of this programme is to develop the participants’ competences in Science Communication aiming at different audiences (e.g., politicians, academics, teachers and students and public in general) by (i) using different approaches (e.g., press releases, infographics), and (ii) adopting diverse media channels (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, newspapers).

It will involve different experts and trainers [keynote speakers, professors/monitors and post-doctoral researchers] in Science Communication and research in Education that stand out for communicating science in a creative way.

SCoRE’17 will be a unique experience for those who wish to learn how to communicate their research in multiple ways and to contribute to public awareness about research in Education.

SCoRE’17 aims to:

_increase participants’ engagement and expertise in different Science Communication approaches for diverse publics (such as educational and political);

_enhance participants’ transversal competences, such as autonomous learning, reflective competences, digital competences, data management, and public presentation;

_promote an international academic network of “Science Communication on research in Education”.